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Opening Night
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Evil Things (18+) Australian Premiere
Director: Dominic Perez
USA, 2010, 76 mins

Thursday 4th November, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

The outstanding debut feature for American film maker Dominic Perez sees a group of five friends travel to upstate New York for the weekend. What is supposed to be a birthday celebration quickly turns into something a lot more sinister as a terrifying ordeal unfolds. A completely convincing performance from a cast of up and coming actors helps create an incredible level of tension that builds throughout the film. Described by many as a pitch perfect horror, Evil Things breaths new life into the hand held horror genre.

We Are What We Are (18+)
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Director: Jorge Michel Grau
Mexico, 2010, 90 mins

Friday November 5th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

This dark and powerfully emotional portrait of a struggling family bound by a TERRIFIFYING secret is truly a reinvention of the horror genre. Beautifully shot and constructed, it is no surprise that this critically acclaimed debut feature has been a hit at festivals around the world. With incredible performances from its young cast members, We Are What We Are represents the exciting new face of modern Mexican cinema.

Macabre (18+) Australian Premiere
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Directors: The Mo Brothers
Indonesia, 2010, 95 mins

Friday November 5th, 9pm

Greater Union Cinemas

Putting Indonesian horror cinema well and truly on the map, Macabre delivers a no holds barred thrill ride from start to bloody finish. A good deed turns out to be a deadly mistake as a group of friends offer assistance to a strange girl in the remote countryside. The premise may sound familiar, but the Mo Brothers deliver it with such style and flair that you cant help but go along for the ride. Credit must be given to the cast for their convincing portrayal of the bizarre and somewhat otherworldly characters that add to the striking nature of this film.

The House of the Devil (18+) Melbourne Premiere
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Director: Ti West
USA, 2009, 95 mins

Saturday November 6th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Based loosely on a true story, Ti West's haunted house chiller is a fastidiously detailed, pitch-perfect homage to 80's horror. From the opening credits, to the impeccable styling, to the meticulous art direction, all the elements combine with ease to seamlessly transport the audience back in time. Not satisfied to be merely a great retro piece, the House of the Devil offers some genuinely good scares and is a real treat for fans of classic suspense. Paying tribute to masterpieces such as Rosemary's Baby and To The Devil a Daughter, West still manages to create a truly unique piece of work, and one that is a real joy to watch.


Outcast (18+) Australian Premiere
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Director: Colm McCarthy
UK/Ireland, 2010, 94 mins

Saturday November 6th, 9pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Colm McCarthy’s outstanding debut feature, Outcast, is an artistic, melancholy and decidedly human tale. Part thriller, part horror, there is also a somewhat twisted love story at the heart of this dark and visually attractive film. Exploring ancient Celtic mythology, set against the harsh backdrop of a modern British housing estate, McCarthy puts a decidedly modern spin on what goes bump in the night. The exceptional performances and stylish cinematography help to create a mood of mounting tension as the story slowly unravels. If you like your horror dark and moody, this modest, raggedly beautiful little film punches well above its weight.

The Silent House (18+)
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Director: Gustavo Hernandez
Uruguay, 2010, 79 mins

Sunday November 7th, 5pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Shot in a single continuos take, Gustavo Hernandez's The Silent House is a remarkable foray into the first person horror genre. Telling the tale of a father and daughter who are about to begin a cleaning job, the film is set largely inside a remote country house. Things start to go wrong when the pair are investigating some strange sounds in the upper reaches of the enormous house. Impeccably shot, beautifully cinematic and featuring some extremely effective sound design, this is a definite edge of your seat thrill ride from start to finish.

Wound (18+) Australian Premiere
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Director: David Blyth
New Zealand, 2010, 76 mins

Sunday November 7th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Before Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste there was David Blyth’s Death Warmed Up, New Zealand’s first ever splatter horror film. Equally controversial is Blyth’s latest foray Wound – a supernatural horror that is certainly an interesting piece of work. Not for the faint of heart, the film serves up a plethora of graphic imagery as it takes the audience on a dream like ride through the fears and desires of lead character Susan  (outstandingly played by NZ actor Kate O'Rourke). Wound depicts Susan's slide into madness as it explores the dark and distorted demons that lie deep within us all. Dealing with all that contributes to mental illness, Blyth tackles the issues of an increasingly uncaring society and the horrors of the everyday. If David Lynch and Peter Jackson got together to make A Clockwork Orange…it may turn out a little like this. Wound is definitely a unique cinematic experience that is sure to leave an indelible mark on Hello Darkness audiences this year.

Red, White & Blue (18+) Melbourne Premiere
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Director: Simon Rumley
USA, 2010, 103 mins

Monday November 8th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Hard hitting and full of raw emotion, Simon Rumley's follow up to his cult classic The Living and the Dead pulls no punches. While there is no shying away from the revenge thriller aspect of this film, it is also a deeply affecting love story and, at its heart, a well crafted character study. Australia's Noah Taylor is shockingly convincing as Nate, a man teetering on the edge of the depths of savagery while his co-star Amanda Fuller is also very strong as the emotionally withdrawn Erica. Playing on the idea that one little mistake can have unthinkable consequences, this is an engrossing tale, both moving and terrifying, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Irreversible (R)
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Director: Gaspar Noe
France, 2002, 97 mins

Tuesday November 9th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Gaspar Noe's controversial classic gets a well deserved cinematic revisit this year, as part of the Hello Darkness program. The hard hitting and unrelenting nature of Noe’s approach to storytelling may be difficult for some viewers, with its portrayal of the darkness of real life horror, but this raw confronting piece is a must see film. The incredibly intense and fast paced story is told in reverse, so the audience is kept in the dark as to character motive and meaning until late in the piece. Challenging the viewer to judge purely on what they see before them, with very little context or history, Noe initially appears unforgiving. As the true horrific nature of the story unfolds, it is as if only upon consumption of the whole is the director allowing us to really comprehend its many parts. Outstanding cinema.

The Ordeal (18+)
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Director: Fabrice Du Welz
Belgium, 2004, 88 mins

Wednesday November 10th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Deliverance meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in this European hillbilly horror from Fabrice Du Welz. Marc is a small time cabaret singer who's van breaks down on a secluded road on a dark and stormy night. Forced to take refuge in a nearby village, Marc's arrival sets in motion an increasingly strange chain of events involving the somewhat colourful locals. As reality and fantasy blur, Marc's troubles grow into nightmarish proportions. While often surreal and dreamlike, The Ordeal is also a tough, gritty and unflinching film that is decidedly unsettling.

Closing Night
(18+) Australian Premiere
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Directors: Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani
France/Belgium, 2009, 90 mins

Thursday November 11th, 7pm
Greater Union Cinemas

Paying homage to their beloved Giallo films of the 1970s, Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani's debut feature is a true delight for the senses. The film tells the story of Ana, in three distinct parts - childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Featuring an incredibly powerful opening act that draws on childhood fears so successfully that the audience to face long forgotten fears . With very little dialogue, the film is driven by the experience of being watched. Shot on vintage stock with stunning visuals, bright colours and some beautifully crafted sound design, Amer is a real gem of a film and deserves to be seen on the big screen.